Let’s Get Real Here


Let’s Get Real Here

By Katherine Windfeather-Thompson

For many years now, I have observed that there is a growing number of programs all across the country that are actively using horses as therapy for physically and psychologically challenged people. I have personally seen the results of using horses to rehabilitate people with chronic personality disorders, as well as victims of physical and emotional abuse issues. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is one such well established application for such disorders.

There have also been profound and significant changes in children born with severe limitations in their ability to function physically and mentally in their environment. It is a fact that the gentle rocking gait of a horse’s walk can alter a severely brain-damaged child’s response to stimulation, and can increase muscle control previously thought impossible. Because of some gentle four legged treasure donated to one of these programs when they are too old or no longer worth feeding to someone else, there are children previously thought to be of non-functional intellect, who mature to lead nearly normal lives as a functioning family member and a contributing member of society. Many of them are diagnosed at birth to be little more than vegetative. Is the relationship between the “damaged” human and the “worthless old horse” purely physical? I think not.

There are also many more people, such as myself, using “energy healing” methods. I hesitate to use the term “energy medicine” here, because that implies practicing medicine without a license. It is not a viable replacement for physical treatment of an animal or a person. But there are benefits to changing the energy in areas that cannot be addressed by medical or veterinary treatment. Specifically, these are in the realm of the emotional body, and the etheric body. While those areas are unseen by the physical eye, as they exist outside of space and time as we know it, they are nonetheless virtual components of a living being, and there is scientific evidence that they do in fact exist.

There may appear to be a vast difference between my perspective, and that of a traditionally trained practitioner. My observations may seem to be from a more abstract perspective, and they are metaphysical in the way I apply them. But the implications in the results and the actual healing taking place indicate a deeper, more significant spiritual connection, not only for us, but between us and our animals.

It has been my observation that animals do indeed have emotional and etheric bodies as well. My particular specialty is the emotional body because it is there that all disease begins, in both animal and human. I work on as many horses, dogs and cats as I do people. If there is a charge to a picture in the emotional body, such as a memory of an injury, or a traumatic separation issue, that charge can eventually manifest in the physical body, in the form of a behavior problem, a soundness issue, or any other number of problems. And it is relatively easy for a person like me to remove that charge. If done fairly early it can prevent a physical reaction before it ever occurs, such as halting cancer or heart disease before it spreads too far. If not caught early, it may not totally eradicate the problem, but it may slow down the process of decline.

Three years ago, a person came to me for a healing on a horse that was so crippled by arthritis that he could not only not be ridden, but could not get up or down, or get into a trailer. Her veterinarian kindly recommended that the horse be euthanized, as that appeared to be the most compassionate and humane course of action. Sight unseen (I seldom meet the horses I work on), I agreed to do what is called a long-distance healing on the horse. By that I mean that I was not in his presence, but rather about 1200 miles away, sitting quietly in a meditative state, while moving the energy in his “space.” I’m not going to go into how I actually do this; perhaps that should be the topic of another article. What matters is that after I did, there was a very significant change in what he was able to do. The owner was riding the horse on a trail ride in a week, and the horse was jumping into the trailer by himself within two weeks; something he had not been able to do in a long time. He stayed sound for nearly a year, until extreme cold weather caused inflammation to set in again. I had predicted this during the reading I gave her; we both knew that eventually he’d have to be put down. But that extra time with this wonderful big hearted horse gave his owner a great deal of joy, and she was better prepared to let him go when the time came.

There is no way to predict the effectiveness or outcome of such a healing. I have been doing this kind of work more than 15 years, and I will say that it seems to be more beneficial and effective if the person requesting the healing is open-minded about it. If you are the type of skeptic who takes a typical tongue-in-cheek attitude about such things, don’t waste my time by asking me to prove to you it has benefits. But if you are open to things that are not tangible, you just might experience a miracle that is! There are hundreds of capable healers with this ability; don’t just dismiss the idea because the concept seems strange. There are many different realities.

Horses can help people heal, and they can themselves be healed, and the fact that thoney can has little to do with conventional techniques.


Kat & WagsyKatherine Windfeather- Thompson is a professional horsewoman with over 25 years of experience as a trainer, animal intuitive and certified clairvoyant healer. She has been a presenter at many of the major horse expos, is the author of one book, and is writing another. See her website at www.katherinewindfeather-thompson.com, email her at [email protected] or call 916-770-9376.