The Six Breaths of Compassion


The Six Breaths of Compassion

By Katherine Windfeather-Thompson

My old broodmare’s last foal had been born straight and correct, but during the weaning period, her left foreleg began to bow out at the knee in an odd twist, the cannon bone offset at an unnatural angel. I had consulted a couple of veterinarians, who told me to put her down. Both conceded that it was too late to try to correct it, she would never stay sound. I told DK I was having a very hard time with this, and I had begun to grieve, more intensely than I might have expected. I asked him why this was so.

“You see, as you release these special ones, with love and compassion, this healing process helps the soul to move forward into a more personal life of the spirit.” “It is a catalyst for you to relieve all of the grieving, and it is a very deep grieving.” “You grieve not alone; you grieve for all of humanity, and as you grieve your own circumstances and losses, you help heal humanity.” “You are a universal being, and these are very intense times.” “You see those who have not awakened, and can’t heal; they are the ones you grieve for, with like situations.”

“They want you to………..are you familiar with the six breaths of compassion?”

Shaking my head to indicate that I wasn’t, he continued.

“There is a prayer called The Six Breaths of Compassion; you repeat it six times.” “And as you do, you raise your vibration higher, to heal not only your own situation, but others of like experience.” “Simply say: “I am breathing in compassion, I am breathing out compassion, across space and time, for all of those who have ever felt this way.” “Visualize energy coming up through your feet, a cylinder of golden light, coming up and encompassing your aura, out into the universe, and then let it go.” “Then, you say it again, and you see the energy coming up again”. “It will change your vibration, and you can accelerate your own healing and clarity of spirit. It is a most powerful tool”.

“You can also ask the clearing angels and the healing angels that specialize in tending to the souls of the beloved animal friends of yours.” “If you have one wounded or injured, or you see one done in by humanity, ask that the healing angels take their soul.” “There are battalions of clearing angels and healing angels ready to assist you, but you must use your free will and ask for assistance. “

“You will not do this as Katherine.” “You will do this as Windfeather, with the assistance of your special spirit guide, and you will be in your true power.” “You will understand that this little one has come in, and needs to leave, but you will know when the time is appropriate.” “You will be guided and you will receive the assistance in releasing this little one.”

“Do the six breaths of compassion for seven days, and it may change the situation.” “Set them free!” “Love with an open hand, and you will have the universe at your disposal.” “You have a connection with all.” “You will be moving to Divine Love when you remove yourself from the grieving.” “It will take you to a place of loving with an open heart, and your life will be filled with these four leggeds in new ways.” “You must empty the container so that it can be rebuilt for what is more appropriate for you at the time”

I asked him if I was to do something special in the use of my telepathic abilities with the animals. He told me that I would begin to help the animal kingdom, but I would also begin to help humanity, to understand that the animals are very precious in our consciousness. He said that humanity had forgotten how to express joy through spirit, and that in the coming times; there was much joy to come forth. I was instructed to prepare my own consciousness and to that, I replied that I still seemed to have a lot of housecleaning to do.

Oh yes, that seems to be a condition of humanity. That is why we, the Ascended Masters, work with you, the Descended Masters, to clean house for the Golden Era. It’s like peeling back the skin of an onion, layer by layer.”

He finished by telling me: “Go forth in the Golden Orb of the Oneness, with the deep peace of the Son of Peace, and the compassion of that One also.

I knew firsthand what he meant about that love and compassion, as I had experienced it during my near death transition, and I missed it sorely, with a deep longing I couldn’t begin to describe. Though I had no clue as to how this would all unfold for me, or exactly how it would take form, something had definitely happened to me.

When I got up off that table, I could barely lift my arms from my side, and I couldn’t stand on my own two feet for several minutes. It took me awhile to get my bearings again.

Shirley, now in control of her own voice once again, laughed boisterously as she explained that I was now more fully in my body than perhaps I had ever been. But I knew I still had a ways to go. She suggested we do some more work together in about a month. I suspected it would take at least that long to digest and process all of this.

Not long after that first regression experience with Djwhal Khul there was a definite change in the type of readings I was attracting. People began specifically requesting readings on their animals, and their relationships with them.

I wish to share something that happened some time after this experience with Djwhal Khul, as it pertains to the prayer, The Six Breaths of Compassion.

A friend of mine was considering whether or not to euthanize her crippled horse. He had advanced ringbone, and when she could no longer keep him sound enough for her to ride, with medication and expensive shoeing, she donated him to a therapeutic riding program, hopeful that he could still live a useful life, relatively pain free, in that capacity.

Meanwhile, she had been looking for a replacement horse for some time, but had not found anything suitable, affordable, or sound enough for her. She did not want to go through this experience again if it could be avoided.

Then came the day when the riding program’s representative called her and told her that the little bay Arab simply would no longer do. He was great with the children, but his lameness had worsened, and he was too sore to walk even in that capacity. They wanted my friend to come get her horse and take him home.

She called me, torn with guilt, grief, and indecision. I could only empathize, but could see no clear answer for her. Then I remembered the prayer I’d been taught by Djwhal Khul, and I shared it with her, thinking she may get some clarity on the issue for herself.

She hung up the phone, went into a light meditative state, and then recited the prayer just as I’d instructed her to. Suddenly, her little bay Arab appeared in her minds eye, looking at her intently. With a profound gesture, he turned and walked a few steps away, then turned to look back at her meaningfully. He gazed into her eyes as if telling her it was OK to let him go, then turned and galloped soundly off into the clouds. She called me back to say she had the answer, and the next day called the veterinarian who would help end the horse’s pain. She did that with compassion, and without guilt.

But that is not the end of the story. In less than 24 hours, she got a call to go look at a new horse, and when she did, it was love at first sight. She realized that could not have happened until she was willing to commit to the act of compassion that would help her Arab move on, his pain ended and his agreement with her complete. He in turn released her from her agreement with him, and helped her move on as well.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKatherine Thompson is a professional horsewoman with over 25 years of experience as a trainer, animal intuitive and certified clairvoyant healer. She has been a presenter at many of the major horse expos, is the author of one book, and is writing another. See her website at, email her at or call 916-770-9376.