Children’s Bullying Book Sales Support Horses Healing Hearts

Wellington, FL – Dec. 3, 2015“Be One of a Kind…Advice From a Princess” tells the tale of a young horse who struggles to be accepted and is bullied by her peers. It is a story not unlike that of many of the children involved with Horses Healing Hearts (HHH), a unique equine-assisted program that helps children whose lives have been affected by family members with alcoholism and addiction.
The author of “Be One of a Kind…Advice From a Princess,” KC Steege-Hunter, learned of the HHH mission through announcements of Quinton Aaron’s recent collaboration with the organization. She was intrigued to find another charity that broached the subject of bullying through horses, and she quickly recognized the similarity of the books’ message to that of Horses Healing Hearts. Now she is generously donating 50 percent of the books’ profits to HHH.
The illustrated children’s book is available for sale online here, and right now, purchasing the book is the perfect way to give back, while also buying a gift for the holidays!
With beautiful illustrations by LN Lydon-Oliveira, the book follows a young filly named Maria who is not accepted and is picked on by the other young horses. Maria soon befriends Princess Nikki, an older horse at the barn, who reminds Maria that everyone is special regardless of his or her differences. The book’s powerful message about embracing individuality and loving yourself is helping parents and children discuss the the difficult topic of bullying.
Bullying is a common struggle for the children of Horses Healing Hearts who have been raised in homes where substance abuse and addiction are present. Because of the trauma they have experienced at home they are sometimes withdrawn and awkward, which makes them a target for bullies. Additionally, they do not have the family support network that healthier families have.  Consequently, they are at a higher risk for suicide as a result of bullying.
Proceeds from the sales of “Be One of a Kind…Advice from a Princess” will benefit the children of Horses Healing Hearts. 
Horses Healing Hearts serves as their missing support network. Support Horses Healing Hearts and get your copy of “Be One of a Kind…Advice From a Princess” online here today! Find the book on Facebook here for additional information, and visit Horses Healing Hearts online at
About Horses Healing Hearts
Horses Healing Hearts is a nonprofit that uses horses to help children of alcoholics and addicts. The participants come from homes where stress, anger and violence are the norm, and in fact, about one quarter of the children participating have lost a parent to suicide, overdose or jail. HHH is a compelling organization that assists children in changing their own lives. Because HHH provides a safe place for children to share and understand their feelings, learn they are not alone and be around the miracle of horses, it gives them the tools to not only survive addiction but to thrive. To learn more about Horses Healing Hearts or how you can help with donations of money or time, log onto, email Liz Olszewski at or call (561) 713-6133.