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Ley Bouchard: Publisher, Editor, Owner


Your local source for horse-related news, information and events! Local (refers to anywhere this digital news is read!) not just where the web site is published. In today’s global environment, everywhere can be local, and your news publication can be the VEN!)

Free Publication of Press Releases and Event Information

The VE News welcomes press releases and event information from local horse clubs and horse-related organizations. We print, free of charge, information about horse organizations, horse riding and driving groups.  

It is the goal and mission of the VE News to show the world how interaction between horses and humans facilitates healing, peace and harmony, entertainment, as well as promoting a healthy, and purposeful lifestyle.

Advertising rates are:

•  In line ads which display in the content of each article posted to the web site; these articles are also posted to our Facebook page ( $100 per month or $25 per week. 

• Promotional articles intended to sell products will be published as advertising to enable manufacturers to feature, promote and provide details about new or old products and special advertising promotions. These articles may be in the form of a press release (approximately 250 words) and 2-3 images for a one time posting on the Valley Equestrian web site and also shared to our Facebook page for a one time price of $100.  Additional postings, of the same original content, to the web site and Facebook page will be published for $25. each successive time. 

• Banner ad at the top of the web site appears on computers: $50 per month.

• Side ads: displays on the right side of the screen and only visible on computers:  $25 per month.

Special rates or publishing options may be available by contacting Ley Bouchard at 701.361.8648 or emailing your specific request to: 

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