What it Means to Change The Course of the Universe


What it Means to Change The Course of the Universe

By Katherine Windfeather-Thompson

Some years ago, when I was moving from the lifestyle of the racetrack as a licensed horse trainer, to the diverging and far less traveled path as a clairvoyant healer, I began to receive guidance that I was to market myself in the arena (if you will excuse the pun) of the horse world, most specifically the trade shows known as horse expos.

Under said guidance my attention was diverted to working with a colleague on things like brochures, logos, and banners for such shows. I needed a catch phrase for a motto, but I was stumped as to what it should be. One night, tired and frustrated from over-thinking the issue, I went to bed in a fog, quickly jotting down something on a piece of paper. To this day I barely remember doing it, nor why. But the following morning, on my way to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, I passed the counter where the paper lay, and read what I had apparently written. It shocked me awake!

“To heal the creatures of the earth is to alter the very course of the Universe” is what was penned by my hand. And I knew, instantly, what my motto was to be. I may have written it, but the inspiration had come from a much higher perspective than I was using regularly at the time. And what it meant was something I was only beginning to understand.

Fast forward 15 years and ask me what that motto has come to mean. Do you have a few days for me to try to explain it to you? For it would take that long to recount the diverse experiences that have unfolded to fit within the parameters of that statement. I actually wrote and published a book about them. But I will try to condense to the best of my ability the observations I have made and where I see things in present time.

Your publisher of the VEN, Ley Bouchard, and I covered the Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento, California June 10th-13th. You’d think I’d be better prepared after doing these events for 15 years, but nope.  I was fried when it was all over! But what fun we had!

Ley drove all the way out to California from Minnesota and stayed out at the ranch with me.  Ley is truly one of the most beautiful and kindest souls on this planet, and I’m blessed to be partnering with her.  She just established the VEN Foundation as a non profit corporation and we plan to do some neat things in the future; more about that later.

This is the largest expo we have covered for the VEN to date.  There were a lot of big names there, as there always are. As it turns out, we were just across the aisle from Charles Wilhelm, chatting daily with Wayne Williams, and not far from the booths of John Lyons, Ken McNab, and many more famous names in the industry.

I began participating in such venues in 1997. There have been a lot of changes in the world at large, and obvious to most of those reading this issue of the VE, many in the horse world and the way we approach our relationships with our horses. Change always leads to an altered perspective, even if the transitional phases are uncomfortable. And no-one will argue that these are challenging times of adjustment.

What I have come to understand is that, what every individual contributes to in making those changes, does have an impact. So it is with the many practitioners that fit into the category of animal communicators and healers that have stepped up to the plate, and tenuously begun to practice their newly discovered abilities, regardless of the venues they’re playing in. They, along with the higher profile clinicians in the horse world, are having an impact on the course, literally, of the Universe. For, it isn’t just our beliefs, such as in our approaches to training that are changing. And it isn’t just our planet that’s changing either. It’s the entire galactic world inclusive that is being altered. Everything happening, inside and out of that Universe, is connected, no matter how small a part it plays.

I came to the realization recently, because of some of the events that happened at this year’s expos, that it is time to change the theme, and perhaps the way that I present myself. Not just for myself, but for those who have gone before me, and those who follow; for we are all on the same path, going in a unified direction. John Lyon’s quote of the week following his presentation at the expo was: ‘”To a horse, you represent all mankind.” How’s that for looking at things from an altered perspective?

All I can say about what’s next is what I often say to people before they read that book I finally finished; and maybe this should be my new motto: “Hang on to your shorts, it’s a wild ride!”

100_4215Katherine Thompson is a professional horsewoman with over 25 years of experience as a trainer, animal intuitive and certified clairvoyant healer. She has been a presenter at many of the major horse expos, is the author of one book, and is writing another. See her website at www.katherinewindfeather-thompson.com, email her at [email protected] or call 916-770-9376.