-By Orv Alveshere-
family’s long train ride to coastal town Wilmington *
Gramp’s heart trouble Gram raised Mom and girls
Gramps pulled Mom from ocean by hair rescued
would I be writing without that timely rescue?

once a comic then a wrecking crew pet
goat entertained the preschoolers at first
soft fur very sociable loved petting
hooves tore dresses and stockings Gram repaired

ungulate ate grass near cottage climbed up
low buildings to bedevil neighbor’s hens
scattered poultry neighbors squawked cried fowl
tied up with rope rogue ate shingles and rope

belching ruminant leaped and vexed and riled
a laughingstock wearing goatee and all
pet parade with unmitigated gall
goats eat anything maybe astroturf

stinker ate the wash Mom attends first grade
genuine butt-head head-butted sisters
nubian blamed for the path of destruction
kid grew kid gloves couldn’t handle clown         **

goatish behavior lost place in their hearts
stiff haired rascal responds to ship’s foghorns
very foggy night bleat this HONK baa HONK baa
uptight neighbors planned sock in throat of goat

embarrassed by ruckus ate bag of feed
note: ate bag shunned feed kept long as able
destined for table appetite gone youths
refused any taste loud 1-note goat gone

CA *
no kidding **


Orv Alveshere, an award-winning writer of humorous cowboy poetry and stories, “grew up hanging on a horse.” He writes about his lifetime of adventures.