AHC Expands Horselookup.org




Washington DC – The American Horse Council has expanded the number of supporting organizations to their equine microchip lookup tool at www.Horselookup.org  with the addition of AKC Reunite bringing the number of searchable microchipping equids to over one million!

AKC Reunite is the nation’s largest not for profit pet microchipping company. Founded in 1995 and an affiliate of The American Kennel Club, AKC Reunite has over 7 million companion animals of 35 different species in its recovery service.  “We are extremely proud to join horselookup.org at this time,” said Dallas Harsa, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “This free tool is essential in protecting horses, donkeys and mules.”

This tool allows the general public; specifically, horse owners, law enforcement, and animal health officials, to search for association affiliation for horses that have been microchipped and registered with a participating organization.

Microchip lookup services have existed for several animal species for years. Unfortunately, those lookup tools have certain limitations that prevented the entirety of the horse industry from being represented. www.Horselookup.org addresses those issues while also providing a central informational source for the equine industry concerning microchipping, as well as the promotion of microchipping as a form of permanent identification.

Horselookup.org also promotes the industry’s various Safety Net Programs, which offer individuals the opportunity to attach their name to a horse’s registration in perpetuity for the purposes of providing an option for that horse should it ever be in need of a home. Safety Net Programs vary by organization and are managed by those participating organizations. If a horse is enrolled, a special logo will appear with that animal’s search results specifying the program and the contact information for that organization.

AHC is very grateful to the early adopters of this industry initiative; The Jockey Club and their Thoroughbred Connect Program, US Equestrian (USEF), HomeAgain, Datamars, Inc. and their PetLink.net registry, Microchip ID Systems, Inc. and their Equine Protection registry as well as their LifeTrac Safety Net Program. The American Horse Council is continuing to solicit participation from every U.S. organization that houses microchip information in an effort to make this tool as thorough as possible.

For more information contact Cliff Williamson at [email protected] .

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