Dr. Juliet Getty Speaks on How to Help Your Horse Grow Old Gracefully

Old draft horse, photo by Ley Bouchard

Dr. Juliet Getty Speaks on How to Help Your Horse Grow Old Gracefully on Monty Roberts’ Horsemanship Radio: http://www.horsemanshipradio.com/2019/09/30/144-a-pony-and-his-boy-senior-horse-nutrition-by-omega-fields/

Join Dr. Getty in learning about how to meet your horse’s needs as he gets older. While every horse is unique and ages differently, you’ll learn ways to maintain health well into his mature years that promote and maintain vitality and quality in his life.

Dr. Juliet Getty, internationally respected equine nutritionist, shares tips about these topics and more on the award winning Horsemanship Radio. Her recent interview with the show’s host, Monty Roberts’ daughter, Debbie Roberts Loucks, can be heard athttp://www.horsemanshipradio.com/2019/09/30/144-a-pony-and-his-boy-senior-horse-nutrition-by-omega-fields/

Check out Episode #144 at minute marker 29:50 to enjoy this 30 minute discussion. Horsemanship Radio is dedicated to the exploration of good horsemanship throughout the world, offering tips and interviews that explore good horsemanship.

Interviews are also archived at www.gettyequinenutrition.com.



Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D. is an independent equine nutritionist with a wide U.S. and international following. Her research-based approach optimizes equine health by aligning physiology and instincts with correct feeding and nutrition practices. Dr. Getty’s goal is to empower the horseperson with the confidence and knowledge to provide the best nutrition for his or her horse’s needs.


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