Saddle Up with Hay Chix for Hope Rides Sept. 30


Hope Rides is a registered 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in 2007. After years of horse ownership and providing opportunities to children whose families did not have access to horses, Vollie Heitkamp, founder of Hope Rides, followed a nudge to start a nonprofit organization that would allow children to connect to horses in a safe, peaceful and loving environment intended for healing, growth and hope. Upon following the nudge, doors opened and Hope Rides moved from a thought to a reality. Since the beginning it has been abundantly clear that the kids and horses benefit from each other and that these benefits reach beyond the boundaries of Hope Rides. Hope Rides exists to provide a place where families, children and horses can come to find hope and healing through acceptance and unconditional love.

At Hope Rides, our mission is to open doorways of hope and create opportunities for personal growth through connecting people with horses. Why use horses? The horse is an amazing animal. A horse’s intuition, sensitivity, and prey/herd instincts make it an incredible friend and teacher. The opportunity to understand their behavior as it relates to their social and survival needs provides countless opportunities for humans to learn valuable life lessons and skills about ourselves and those around us. Our mentors work side by side with the participants and horses pairing them together based upon their individual needs and personality. The pairing approach helps to facilitate a connection of understanding, acceptance and respect among all units encouraging each to learn and experience things from a different perspective. Gaining a different or renewed perspective can be a powerful tool for growth. Hope Rides connects people to horses in a way that empowers positive choice for positive change and enhances hope for the future. Hope Rides programs are free of charge and available to youth ages 5-18.


Saddle Up with Hay Chix for Hope Rides 

Join the fun!  

-Trail Rides

-Poker Run




-Kids Games

Sept 30th – Oct 1st 

Location: St Croix State Park (Hinckley, MN)


Contact: [email protected] to reserve your camping space, make donations or ask questions!