Second Phase of Study Link Distribution Begins


Second Phase of Study Link Distribution Begins

Survey link to be available to everyone involved in the equine industry


(Washington, DC)- The American Horse Council Foundation (AHCF) is pleased to announce that the survey link for the update of the economic impact study is now available! Individuals will be able to share this survey with others involved in the industry, as well as post the link on social media to encourage others to take the survey.


“We were advised to do the rollout of the survey link in two phases,” said AHC President Julie Broadway. “The first phase included AHC member organizations and their affiliations which served as our initial sample frame.  The survey link needed to be sent to a known population size so we can accurately judge the response rate.  For example, if we send the survey link to 500 people and 100 reply, we know that the response rate is 20%, and the results must be increased to characterize the full population according to statistical survey methodology.”


“Phase two will consist of an open link that will be sent out via social media, press releases, email blasts, etc. This invites anyone that wants to complete a survey the ability to do so using the social networks of our member organizations to increase participation in a ‘snowball’ effect,” continued Ms. Broadway. “The questions are exactly the same as in the phase one survey link, but the URL for each survey link is slightly different so The Innovation Group can distinguish these responses from the control group. We certainly want as many people as possible to complete the survey, it just needed to be done in phases so the statisticians and economists can interpret the data correctly.”


The main survey is designed to capture the impact of individual horse owners (whether commercial or recreational) and industry suppliers of equine-related goods and services. To take the horse owner & supplier survey please click here: Please note, all personal information collected in the survey will be confidential and will not be distributed. The AHC encourages Individuals to share the study link above via email, social media, etc. in order to ensure maximum participation. 


The 2017 Economic Impact Study will contain expanded demographics with youth participation and additional segments of the industry, including Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies, Equine Sanctuaries and Rescues, Equine Academic Programs, and Equine Youth Organizations.  If you are interested in receiving one of these survey links, please contact the AHC at [email protected].


If you are a member of an equine association and have not received an invitation to participate, please check your Junk or SPAM folder. Individuals interested in receiving the main survey link may also to receive a link.


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