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First Impressions

First Impressions “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  -Will Rogers “With a mustang you cannot hide and you cannot lie to yourself.”  -Anna Twinney Recently I had the honor of spending a week in Cody, Wyoming...

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Welcome to the Regional News section where you will find equestrian news local to the area in which we live.
Welcome to the Trainer's Articles section where you will find articles by Charles Wilhelm about many different training issues or problems. Wilhelm is famous for his philosophy, "It is never, ever, the horse's fault." See more about Mr. Wilhelm...
Welcome to Orv's Cowboy Poetry section where you will find newly released poems by our resident Cowboy Poet Orv Alveshere. Orv reminisces about his experiences on the North Dakota prairie, farmsteads and his many fond memories of the horses...

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Welcome to our National News section we update daily or weekly with news from horse industry leaders and organizations.

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Welcome to our Health News. Dr. Juliet Getty, Ph.D. is a frequent contributor to this section as well as national organizations like the AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners) and other groups concerned about equestrian health.

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Welcome to the Book Reviews Section! We love to read and review new fiction or non-fiction books and tell our readers about them. Check out this section to learn about the newest and best reading in the equine world.
How to Keep Pets Safe this Holiday Season We love the holidays for celebrating some of life’s happiest moments and making memories with loved ones. Dogs and cats love the holidays too, especially when their owners and guests share extra...

The Mature Rider

The Mature Rider Most of the riders I work with are older ladies with the average age at around 52. They all want to have a good time on the trail, at events and in competitive riding. For them, and...

The Great Pumpkin

By Cassandra Swanson Charlie Brown’s friend, Linus, would have had his dreams come true if he would have joined us Saturday, October 3 at the Harrisburg, SD Country Apple Orchard! The GREAT PUMPKIN and many of his friends showed up to...
Horse ownership and involvement has stabilized and is likely to rise, according to key findings from survey sponsored by Zoetis The equine industry has found stability and shows positive signs of growth, especially among young adult horse owners and event...


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