July 30 Cookoff


July 30 Cook off

Canton, SD – GRILL MASTERS vs. DUTCH OVEN CHEFS  – Join us Saturday, July 30, 2022 at GATE CITY for the Raise ‘em Rank GRILLS vs. DUTCH  OVENS!! YOU bet the JUDGE!

Nothing says SUMMER like cooking outdoors.  It’s a rite of passage learning how to fire up the grill and creating mouthwatering ribs, tantalizing loins and flame broiled burgers…but – have you considered a bit more old fashion method of creating outdoor delicacies?   Your grandma’s good old fashion cast iron Dutch oven opens new doors as to what can be prepared while camping, traveling, or just in your own backyard.    

Three Grill Masters will compete against three Dutch Oven Chefs for bragging rights of the best pork loin sponsored by the South Dakota Pork Council and  decided on BY THE PEOPLE!  Sampling Sacks will be sold as a fundraiser for the youth bull riding safety equipment.   

Join us for an evening of fun trying LOTS of great food and then enjoy thrills, spills and chills of some RANK bull riding!  Don’t miss it!  Gates open about 3:30 pm for the public to come in and enjoy events geared for ALL ages:  

pony rides for the kids,


petting zoo,

bouncy houses,

live music.   

Your paid entry fee gets you into all these events, and you have to EAT – so support the cook off fundraiser and enjoy some dutch oven and grilled goodies!   Celebrate Canton in a BIG way with us out at Gate City!  

Saturday, July 30, 2022.  Find us on facebook – Raise em Rank!