FEI Pony European Championships: German dressage riders take team gold

The German squad was victorious in the team competition during the FEI Pony European Championships in dressage. Silver went to Denmark, and bronze to the Netherlands.
German riders: Rose Oatley with Daddy Moon, Antonia Roth with Daily Pleasure WE, Julie Sofie Schmitz-Heinen with Carleo Go and Antonia Busch-Kuffner riding Kastanienhof Cockney Cracker finished on the combined result of 236,172 to take home the gold medals.
“All the girls rode great, they gave it all they could and I can’t find the words to express how proud I am of them.” – said the German chef d’equipe – Heike Kemmer.
Individually the best rider of the class was Rose Oatley with Daddy Moon – 82,629.
„The test went great for all of us. Germany was in the top 5 places, and we are super happy about what we’ve done” – said Rose Oatley.
Polish riders finished sixth among 13 teams. The best athlete in the squad was Veronica Pawluk riding D’Artagnan 187 – 73,857.
The dressage rivalry is not over yet. From Friday to Sunday the riders will compete for individual titles.
The first individual and team showjumping competition was also played out today. 18 out of 49 pairs went clear over the 1,30 m course. Two teams are tied in the lead for now, with a zero-penalty score: The Netherlands and France.
The French squad was phenomenal today, as none of their five riders made any mistakes: Anna Szarzewski and Vaughann de Vuzit, Lola Brionne with Clementine, Marie Ann Sullivan with Ken van Orchid, Jeanne Hirel with Vedouz de Nestin and Nohlan Vallat with Daenerys D’Hurl’Vent.
The Dutch team riders are: Milan Morssinkhof with Carrick 13, Ava Eden van Grunsven with Special Lady, Siebe Leemans with Voodstock de L’Astree, Logan Fiechter with Minerva For Play and Renske van Middendorp with Jolly.
Third place for now belongs to Norway, with a combined result of 4 penalty points: Dina Nicolaysen riding Electra, Thea Gunleksen with Parc Cookie, Mikkel Fredin Nilsen with Attyrory Warrior, Oda Therese Oddsen with Javas Alun and Rasmus Aasland riding Poetics Floura.
The team showjumping final will take place on Friday, starting at 1:30 PM.
Dressage FEI Pony European Championships team medalists:
  1. Germany – 236,172
Rose Oatley, DADDY Moon – 82,629
Antonia Roth, DAILY PLEASURE WE – 78,114
Julie Sofie Schmitz-Heinen, CARLEO GO – 75,429
Antonia Busch-Kuffner, KASTANIENHOF COCKNEY CRACKER – 75,286
  1. Denmark – 221,714
Sophia Boje Obel Jorgensen, ADRIANO B – 77,914
Cornelia Munch Sinding, TERBOFENS CHARICO – 72,286
Karla Marillo Skov, STEENDIEKS DIAMOND DE DALI – 71,514
Selma Ludvigsen, EGELYKKES PERFETTO – 71,286
  1. The Netherlands – 218,428
Ilse De Wilde, FALCO – 73,943
Jill Kempes, NEXT BLACK MAGIC – 72,571
Veerle Van Hof, VINKENHOVE XANDER – 71,914
Bridget Lock, DON DAVINO HORSEPOINT – 70,286
  1. Poland – 212,457
Veronica Pawluk, D’ARTAGNAN 187 – 73,857
Ann Van Den Broeck, LANGTOFTEGARD LEANDRO – 69,457
Weronika Lewandowska, HOJVEJS CASMIR – 69,143
Natalia Plata, HOT CHOCOLATE – 68,429
Photos by:
LW: Leszek Wójcik
MCH: Mariusz Chmieliński
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