By Orv Alveshere


                              trailered from an auction

a stunning muscular overo paint equine
recalling a cautionary confident approach
wondered how much human effort expended
placing mounted riders holding from both sides

big horse had not been ascribed a name
cautionary look perhaps a latent temper
big and strong like Paul Bunyon’s blue ox
maybe RAGE would be an appropriate name

soothing low voice talk did not disturb him
crunch time seven horses successfully trained
climbed on near horse behind dad leg over
firmly seated two horses moved aside
l o n g pause no movement then urged to go

explosive buck front legs then hindermost
vertical exit followed by solid dirt bath ouch
newly named RAGE now passed the driveway
would-be horse breaker for #8 flat on the ground

horse exhaust punctuated plot with sound
breaking experiment ended swiftly painfully
in mere moments named him UN-RODE RAGE
last we saw of that genuine ornery horse’s patoot