Equine Rescue adoption horses


Delta and Dream Catcher

Age: Delta 20 years, Dream Catcher 11 years

Breed: Arabian Mix

Delta is the mother of Dream Catcher; both are inseparable. They are
very friendly and love spending their days eating and relaxing in the
sun. Delta loves watching Dream Catcher play with the rest of the herd.
They both enjoy being around other horses. (We prefer they get adopted

Fee: $750 each $1,500 both

For further information, contact:
[email protected] or call the office (520) 398-2814
Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary
P.O Box 1685
Green Valley AZ 85622

Reminder:  We are currently closed to visitors due to COVID-19, but
please visit our website at www.equinevoices.org for updates.