Announcing New Website Launch for Getty Equine Nutrition


Now you can find everything you need in one place! Supplements, Recordings, and Books are neatly organized. Enjoy several ways to shop, including a new feature – Shop by Category – offering specific advice on key health issues to empower you with knowledge on how to care for and heal your horse. It will guide you through your situation so you can determine which supplements are right for your horse’s needs.

The expansive Resource Library provides a wealth of information that is easy to navigate. It contains updated material to coincide with Dr. Getty’s books, focusing on specific research-based information that helps keep your horses at their best.

Features of the new website include:

  • Dr. Getty’s unique approach toward equine health, as well as her credentials, and testimonials
  • Powerful Search Engine to find supplements and materials
  • Dr. Getty’s Resource Library, organized by forty-two different topics, offers articles, tips, recordings and more
  • Detailed information on Consultations — what they entail, a reading list to get started, and frequently asked questions
  • Dr. Getty’s Free Shipping Store organizes supplements among twenty-five categories, including the Alphabetical List of products you’ve come to enjoy
  • “Shop by Condition” feature provides specific advice and recommendations for five different health topics (new categories will be added over time)
  • Dr. Getty’s books, descriptions and excerpts, are highlighted in a convenient separate area
  • Teleseminar recordings as well as a growing list of free Podcasts

Please note: Though a lot of time went into making sure that everything on the website is working properly, if you should find anything that is not performing as it should, please email Dr. Getty at



Juliet M. Getty, Ph. D.

Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D. is an independent equine nutritionist with a wide U.S. and international following. Her research-based approach optimizes equine health by aligning physiology and instincts with correct feeding and nutrition practices. Dr. Getty’s goal is to empower the horseperson with the confidence and knowledge to provide the best nutrition for his or her horse’s needs.


Dr. Getty’s fundamental resource book, Feed Your Horse Like a Horse, is available in paperback and Kindle versions. The paperback version is available at — buy the book there and have it inscribed by the author. Print and Kindle versions are also available at Amazon; find print version at other online retail bookstores. The seven individual volumes in Dr. Getty’s topic-centered “Spotlight on Equine Nutrition” series are available with special package pricing at her website, and also at Amazon in print and Kindle versions. Dr. Getty’s books make ideal gifts for equestrians!


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