Speedway Motorsports, EquiLottery Games Working on Lottery Games Based on Live Auto Races


Speedway Motorsports, EquiLottery Games Working on Lottery Games Based on Live Auto Races

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Speedway Motorsports Inc., a leading auto speedway owner and operator and EquiLottery Games, a live sports lottery provider, have joined forces to bring lottery games based on the results of live auto races across North America to market. This first-of-its-kind venture allows for the growth of a new category of lottery games based on live sports which will increase revenues and expand the player base for lotteries. This effort follows EquiLottery Games’ recent announcement to offer a trial of a new draw game based on the results of live horse racing through the Kentucky Lottery. Win Place Show will launch March 31, 2019 for a 90-day trial period in 45 retailers.

“We have closely followed what EquiLottery Games has accomplished in the lottery industry and the unprecedented opportunity they are delivering for the sport of horse racing,” said Speedway Motorsports Chief Strategy Officer Mike Burch. “So when they approached us about using this platform for auto racing, we were excited by the possibilities for our sport as well.”

Speedway Motorsports and EquiLottery Games will work together on implementing EquiLottery Games’ newest game concept Car Cash™, a three number lottery draw game based on the results of live auto racing. Players purchase a $5 quick pick ticket through the same terminal as lottery mainstays such as Powerball. The ticket features three randomly selected entries for an upcoming race. Winners will be determined by the results of the race with an estimated top prize of $50,000. A mobile app will give players the opportunity to track their tickets in real time, learn about upcoming races, and provide other racing-related information.

“We are very pleased to work with Speedway Motorsports to expand our offerings beyond the horse racing industry,” said EquiLottery Games CEO Brad Cummings. “This marks an important milestone as we continue to build on our vision for lottery games based on all live sports. We look forward to what we can accomplish with Speedway Motorsports as we realize our shared goals to develop new auto racing fans, expand the lottery player base, and increase funding for the good causes lotteries exist to support.”

Speedway Motorsports’ subsidiary companies own and operate speedways in eight states – California, Georgia, Kentucky, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. Under this agreement, both parties will pursue opportunities in those states as well as others identified as states with large auto racing fanbases.

For more information on EquiLottery Games, visit www.EquiLotteryGames.com.

About EquiLottery Games

The creators of Kentucky’s Win Place Show, a lottery game based on the results of live horse racing being offered by the Kentucky Lottery beginning March of 2019, EquiLottery Games has evolved into the leader of a new live sports category for state and provincial lotteries. Developing a series of live sports games of pure chance protected by US and Canadian patents, EquiLottery Games supports its lottery offerings through a series of products and services that make its games plug-and-play for its state lottery customers. These include systems integrations, mobile apps, video streaming, intellectual property licensing, sports licensing, horsemen negotiations, calendar development, data licensing, second chance raffle prizes and multi-channel marketing support.

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Speedway Motorsports, Inc. is a leading marketer, promoter and sponsor of motorsports entertainment in the United States. The Company, through its subsidiaries, owns and operates the following premier facilities: Atlanta Motor SpeedwayBristol Motor SpeedwayCharlotte Motor SpeedwayKentucky SpeedwayLas Vegas Motor SpeedwayNew Hampshire Motor SpeedwaySonoma Raceway and Texas Motor Speedway. The Company provides souvenir merchandising services through its SMI Properties subsidiaries; manufactures and distributes smaller-scale, modified racing cars and parts through its U.S. Legend Cars International subsidiary; and produces and broadcasts syndicated motorsports programming to radio stations nationwide through its Performance Racing Network subsidiary. For more information, about the company, please visit the Speedway Motorsports website at www.speedwaymotorsports.com.