Hylonome Launches Equine Performance Tracking System, Hylofit, at Equine Affaire

Hylonome Launches Equine Performance Tracking System, Hylofit, at Equine Affaire
Wilton, Conn. – Nov. 8, 2018 – Hylonome, an equine technology start-up, announces it will be launching Hylofit, a wireless heart rate monitor for horse and rider, at Equine Affaire in West Springfield, Massachusetts, last weekend. The 2018 American Gold Cup was pleased to have Hylofit share a preview and demonstration of its innovative, wearable technology, featuring Olympian Rodrigo Pessoa, at its event in September prior to the $204,000 Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™ New York CSI4*-W on Sunday.
Hylofit is set to launch at the 2018 Equine Affaire in West Springfield, Massachusetts, this week. Photo: Courtesy of Hylofit
Hylofit tracks performance in real-time to improve training results and help riders understand the emotional and physical state of their equine partners. The Hylofit system is comprised of an ultra-thin girth attachment that captures and transmits the equine heart rate via Bluetooth to the Hylofit smartphone app. Rider heart rate is captured through a standard chest strap or through the Hylofit app on Apple Watch. The system automatically tracks the intensity of a training session on both horse and rider and this data, along with other metrics from the workout, are stored in the app for ride-by-ride training analysis in order to understand the impact of workouts over time.
Hylonome co-founder Eliane van Reesema and Codiak.
Photo: Courtesy of Hylofit
Hylofit makes it easy for riders to immediately understand training impact and establish variable workout programs in order to safely improve performance. The proprietary Zone Intensity Score provides a summary statistic of the cardiovascular impact on the horse during any given ride, allowing riders to more easily establish fitness goals and meet them over the course of their training. In addition, Hylofit allows users to share their horses’ data with others in their care network (trainers, vets, etc.) so others can be informed of training goals and performance and adapt workouts and treatment to the immediate needs of the horse. Trainers can watch all training in real-time (even if they are not present) from the web, where they can also compare workouts over time to track fitness goals or monitor a return from injury.
“As a competitive rider, I saw the need for more data to inform whether I was training my horses enough and training them safely,” says Eliane van Reesema, co-founder of Hylonome. “The Hylofit team has combined a passion for data and technology with a love of riding and we are thrilled to bring Hylofit to market and change the way riders train across disciplines and levels.”
Hylofit is available for order at www.hylofit.com for $349.