Betsy and Jessie Steiner Honored for Winning Career and Contributions to Dressage

Photo: Mother-daughter dressage team Betsy and Jessie Steiner were presented with the Triple Crown Excellence Award at the Welcome Back to White Fences IV show

Triple Crown® Nutrition Honors Mother-Daughter Duo for Winning Career and Contributions to Dressage


Wellington, FL (April 28, 2017) – Betsy Steiner has made an astounding mark on the world of dressage, positively impacting multiple facets of the industry during a career that spans more than three decades. Enjoying success at the highest levels, Betsy has coached many emerging riders, developed the equestrian-specific athletic program Equilates, and authored the widely successful book A Gymnastic Training System Using The Mind, Body, Spirit Approach. Betsy’s daughter Jessie Steiner, a talented FEI trainer in her own right, is following in her footsteps.


Triple Crown Nutrition, official sponsor of the Welcome Back to White Fences IV dressage show in Loxahatchee, Florida this month, awarded Betsy and Jessie with the Triple Crown Dressage Excellence Award at the show. The renowned feed company, known for its high caliber products and scientifically-based nutritional formulas, honored the Steiners for their commitment, contributions, and achievements in the sport of dressage, as well as their positive attitudes and excellent sportsmanship. Both winners were presented with a tri-colored Triple Crown Dressage Excellence Award ribbon and an engraved silver tray.


Both mother and daughter share a common training philosophy that builds the confidence of both horse and rider. Through patient coaching and effective cross training, the duo helps students tackle specific fears or physical issues that they may be facing. “Writing a book was such a good process because it really taught me more how to teach,” Betsy explained. “Maybe a student has a fear of something and I use sports psychology, or maybe they can’t sit straight because there is something physically going on so I use exercises on the ground to help. Jessie and I have put this into our entire training program. It’s part of who we are and what we do.”


A U.S. Dressage Federation Gold medalist with international experience and Grand Prix wins at prestigious shows around the country, Betsy continues her unwavering dedication to the sport of dressage, proving an inspiration to many. Her illustrious career has been punctuated with multiple highlights that she holds dear.


“Riding on the U.S. team at the 1990 World Equestrian Games in Stockholm, Sweden with my horse Unanimous was huge! And actually, to bring it up-to-date, I have a fantastic new horse in my life, the 10-year-old mare Swiss W owned by Whitney Bailey. At her last show she was first in the Prix St. Georges and first in the Intermediare I with a 74 percent. She is slowly starting in the CDIs and learning the Grand Prix movements, and beginning that phase of her career.”


While growing up in a horse-centered family offered unique experiences and opportunities, Jessie has worked hard to make her mark on the competitive stage. “I have always loved the horses and my parents were tremendous; they always wanted me to ride but they were super about not pushing me. I had to work and prove myself, but it was always my choice. It’s my love! We have a great time with the horses, training them and seeing them come up.”


Based in Frenchtown, New Jersey, and Wellington, Florida, Jessie worked as assistant trainer for Betsy Steiner Dressage beginning in 1995. Today, Betsy and Jessie together operate Steiner Dressage. Jessie regularly receives invaluable instruction from her mother, and has worked with other notable professionals both in the U.S. and Germany. Her list of accomplishments includes earning U.S. Dressage Federation Silver and Bronze medals, training several horses to FEI level, and starting the careers of many talented youngsters. She teaches riders through FEI and assists clients in finding the perfect equine partner, as well.


“I have a really talented young horse coming six this year who has been able to learn the ropes in Wellington this season; that has been wonderful for him,” Jessie remarked. “My 10-year-old gelding, Rave, started here three years ago at Second Level, and last fall he was Region 8 Fourth Level champion. Now he is starting his FEI career. He is a great testament to how good these shows are, too, getting a horse really confident and feeling good and happy about showing.”

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