Holiday Hazards Abound for Pets


Holiday Hazards Abound for Pets

(SPM Wire) The holiday season may not always be the happiest time of year for our four-legged friends. Many dangers abound for dogs and cats — from holiday greenery to rich chocolate treats to sparkly tinsel.

Sweet Surrender: Don’t let pets eat chocolate or any human treats sweetened with xylitol, as these can be deadly to dogs and toxic to cats. While you can give in to these temptations, keep them away from furry friends.

Deck the Halls Carefully: Boughs of holly can cause all sorts of gastrointestinal distress to pets, such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Mistletoe can also cause stomach troubles and even cardiovascular issues. Even lilies can cause kidney failure in cats. So choose artificial seasonal decorations instead of plant-based ones. And keep these away from pets, as well, just to be safe!

Tinsel Time: It’s never time for tinsel when it comes to pets. While cats may love batting around the sparkly stuff, swallowing it can lead to digestive tract obstructions and other nasty gastrointestinal issues.

Safely Light the Way: Holiday lights may be beautiful, but strings of lights can easily be chewed on or yanked, causing electrical shocks. And unattended lighted candles can be knocked over by curious paws. So be mindful of where and when you place such holiday decorations.

With a bit of smart preparation you can keep you family’s pets well cared for during the holiday season and beyond.