EquiLottery Joins National Council on Problem Gambling as Member Organization

Lexington, KY – As EquiLottery LLC continues to build momentum for its innovative lottery gaming solution based on the results of live horse racing, the burgeoning Kentucky tech and gaming startup continues to look for ways to give back to the communities it serves. It is with that in mind that EquiLottery is proud to join the National Council on Problem Gambling, a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization that acts as a national advocate for programs and services that assist problem gamblers and their families.
“We believe that doing business in 2016 is not just about creating a profitable business model, it’s also about creating social good in the world around us,” said EquiLottery Founder & CEO Brad Cummings. “Study after study shows the vast majority of people who engage in gaming products like lottery and horse racing view the money they spend as a natural extension of their entertainment dollars. However, there needs to be opportunities for those who do not have a healthy relationship with gaming to receive help and we see the NCPG as a leading voice in this concern. We are proud to stand with them at this early phase of our company’s existence to become a part of this solution.”
EquiLottery LLC joins countless casino companies, state lotteries, lottery vendors and horse racing entities as a Silver Member of this important advocacy group. An organization founded in 1972, the NCPG is a non-partisan organization that does not take a stance on legalized gambling but instead solely advocates for the challenges of problem gamblers. It is this mature and measured approach that has made the support of so many important players in the gaming and lottery industries possible.
“We are thrilled to have the backing of EquiLottery as we continue to build on our mission to advocate for problem gamblers across the country,” said NCPG Executive Director Keith Whyte. “We are particularly impressed with EquiLottery’s ability to see the importance of becoming part of the solution to this problem at such an early stage in their company’s existence. That kind of foresight is rare in startup companies and should be celebrated by the lottery and gaming industries as well as the states EquiLottery looks to work with in the future.”
For more information on the National Council on Problem Gambling including how to become a supporting member, visit www.ncpgambling.org.