Mavis Spencer and Dubai Jump to Victory at Winter Equestrian Games


Mavis Spencer and Dubai Jump to Victory with the Vita Flex Victory Pass Award


 Wellington, FL (March 29, 2016)— In the equestrian world, Mavis Spencer has been everything from groom to barn manager to world-class rider. As actress Alfre Woodard’s daughter, Spencer has also had many moments in the celebrity spotlight— such as being named one of People magazine’s 2014 Top 100 Most Beautiful People. Now she has another accolade to add to her career — a show jumping win at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida and the Vita Flex Victory Pass Award from leading equine supplement company Vita Flex.

Spencer’s first-place round in the $8,000 1.45 meter jumpers class sponsored by Douglas Elliman Real Estate during the Winter Equestrian Festival earned her and her mount, Dubai, the Vita Flex Victory Pass Award, which included a bucket filled with the Vita Flex’s popular performance products and an official Vita Flex Victory Pass Award horse neck ribbon.

Mike Collins and his family, Dubai’s owners, purchased Dubai as a three-year-old in Holland to use in a breeding program, but they ended up choosing to geld the horse and begin his show career. The now eight-year-old is proving this is the role he was always meant to have, especially with Spencer in the saddle.

“I think the world of him,” Spencer said. “He’s got a ton of potential, and is super scopey and brave. I think once he gains a little more experience, he’s going to be a superstar.”

Vita Flex uses the Victory Pass Award to recognize excellent winning performances, such as Spencer and Dubai’s, at international competitive shows like the Winter Equestrian Festival. Vita Flex is dedicated to helping horses and riders cross the fine line between good and great performances with its effective equine supplements.

Spencer began riding at age five, and since then her equine career has blossomed. She currently manages sport horse sales with Neil Jones Equestrian, and has hands in the training and show careers of a large group of horses. With her wealth of experience, Spencer understands the role of health and fitness in an equine athlete’s performance.

“I definitely think that if you don’t have a healthy, fit, happy horse, then there’s not really much you can do,” Spencer said. “There’s no point in going to the ring with an unfit horse that doesn’t feel well.”

Competitive horses demand excellent care in order to be their best. According to Spencer, an excellent feeding regimen with the inclusion of supplements like those from Vita Flex is critical to a horse’s success.

“I think you have to have a really good care and feeding program,” Spencer said. “The supplements they get definitely make a big difference.”

Spencer has big plans after the 2016 Winter Equestrian Festival wraps up. Spencer will be moving to Kentucky to begin an American branch of Neil Jones Equestrian with an elite group of horses under her care.

Vita Flex strives to recognize those horse and rider combinations that mimic the company’s core principal of crossing the fine line between good and great. Throughout the 12-week-series of hunter and jumper competition at the Winter Equestrian Festival, Vita Flex has enjoyed spotlighting outstanding performances from horse and rider combinations.

Vita Flex is a leading manufacturer of high-quality supplements for competitive horses. The company’s product line features health supplements, antioxidants, electrolytes, joint supplements, performance supplements, topical solutions, vitamins and minerals. These cutting-edge products are backed by research and loved by horses and their owners for the supplements’ ability to help them reach their competitive goals. For more information about Vita Flex and its line of products, visit or call (800) 848-2359.