History of Spanish Horsemen and Horses


An innovative author combines scholarship and horsemanship to identify the true history of Spanish Horsemen and Horses before and after they arrived in the New World.

St. Paul, MN –  Author Janice M. Ladendorf (www.jladendorf.com) is proud to announce the publication of  the first book in her new series, Horses from History. Its title is Spanish Horsemen and Horses in the New World (Paperback $15.95, Create Space, e-book $6.95, Kindle). This 300 page book is cross disciplinary and should attract and surprise many different types of readers.

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Historians may know little about horses while horsemen may know little about history. Ignorance breeds misleading theories about how horses have been domesticated and used throughout history and over time many mythical beliefs have been created about the true history of various breeds of horses. Those who are interested in the history of our West, as well as Latin America, will discover new information and insights in this book. Horsemen interested in the history of their favorite breeds may discover how historical facts contradict some of their long held beliefs.

The first half of the book deals with the general history of cattle raising, uses, and handling, but its focus is on the remarkable role played by the Mexican vaqueros in building the foundation of western horsemanship. Their inventions include western saddles, lariats, bosal hackamores, and chaps. The American cowboys learned skills from them and added refinements to what they had already created.

The second half of the book focuses on the history of Spanish breeds, first in Iberia and then when happened to the ones who had were shipped to the New World. New environments created new demands and many new breeds emerged all over both continents. The ones who escaped to freedom in North America and survived were called mustangs. These tough little horses played a crucial role in the development of the American West.

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This book is heavily illustrated with many drawings by the famous western artist, Jo Mora. It also includes photographs of each of the breeds discussed in it. The cover picture is of a mustang who comes from verifiable Spanish bloodlines. This book is available through Amazon and many other on line retail outlets.

About the Author:

Janice M. Ladendorf has an honors degree in history and has been a research librarian. She has published books and articles in the fields of history, library science, and horsemanship. She advocates using humane training methods to build a partnership with your horse. She is retired and lives in St. Paul, MN.

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For more information about her latest book and other publications, please go to her website, www.jladendorf.com.

Janice M. Ladendorf