Federal Stop Sale Issued for “Guardian” Pesticide

Federal Stop Sale Issued for “Guardian” Pesticide
Product removed from CDA’s list of pesticides that can be legally used on marijuana
BROOMFIELD, Colo. –On February 16, 2016, the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) was informed that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a Federal Stop Sale, Use or Removal Order to “All In Enterprises,” which is the manufacturer of “Guardian Mite Spray” (Guardian).  The order prohibits the sale or use of the product on all plants because it has been found to be adulterated with abamectin, which is an insecticide and miticide. Guardian is labeled for use on plants for mite control and could have also been used on cannabis.
“The pesticide can no longer be sold, and anyone who has purchased the product is asked by the Colorado Department of Agriculture to refrain from using it. Growers or other potential users should return any unopened containers of this product to the store they purchased it from,” said John Scott, CDA’s pesticide program manager.
CDA’s investigation began when the Oregon Department of Agriculture alerted CDA that there was a possibility that the Guardian product was adulterated with abamectin, which was not listed on the label. CDA immediately followed up to determine if any of the adulterated product had been shipped into Colorado. Guardian lists the active ingredients on the label as cinnamon oil, lemongrass, and citric acid, but CDA testing confirmed that it was contaminated with abamectin.  The case was then referred to EPA, and CDA issued an alert to the marijuana industry warning them not to use the product since it may contain an undisclosed pesticide. Guardian was also removed from CDA’s list of pesticides that can be legally used on marijuana.
All In Enterprises distributed this product to 13 retailers in Colorado, many of them hydroponic supply stores that may primarily service Colorado’s marijuana grower industry. Retailers have been contacted and advised that further distribution of Guardian into or within Colorado will be a violation of Colorado’s Pesticide Act.
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