Help the AHC Put More Horsepower in Congress


Help the AHC Put More Horsepower in Congress

(WASHINGTON)- Despite historically low approval ratings for Congress, Americans still have an interest in what Congress is doing. Why is this?

Because what Congress does, or does not do, has an impact on the equine industry. Regardless of the breed of your horse, the discipline you participate in, whether you are an individual owner, run a racetrack or horse show, own a horse business, work in the industry as a service provider or ride for recreation—the decisions made here in Washington affect you.

Without open lines of communication with our leaders in Washington, we could lose the ability to enjoy our horses and our work in the industry that we love. Only by having personal exchanges with their constituents who are involved in the horse industry will members of Congress fully appreciate how important our $102 billion industry is.

The American Horse Council (AHC) is the ONLY organization that works in Washington on behalf of EVERY segment of the industry. Every day, we communicate with Congress and other federal agencies to ensure that each understands the economic, agricultural, sporting, and recreational importance of the horse industry.

Because we are a non-profit organization, we depend on YOU–a person who is devoted to your horse and your sport–to help us effectively represent our industry. The AHC provides updates on important issues affecting the industry, and can help our members contact their elected officials to speak up about these issues. By becoming a member of the AHC, you give strength to the horse industry’s voice. You “Put more Horsepower in Congress.”

The AHC also relies on our members to help us with grassroots lobbying efforts, as now more than ever, an elected official must hear from his or her constituents about a problem before he or she will get actively involved with a piece of legislation. To be truly effective and have our voice be heard, the horse industry must capitalize on the large number of individuals involved and turn the diversity of each segment of the industry into a strength. If elected officials hear from all segments of the horse industry on an issue, they will begin to realize just how important we are to the U.S. economy.

When you join the AHC, you will receive a copy of the newly updated “Horse Industry’s Guide to Grassroots Lobbying,” which includes sample emails to send to your members of Congress, how to contact them, a newly updated section on using social media to lobby, and much more.

By getting involved and becoming a member of the AHC, you’re not only helping yourself, but your industry as well. Help us put more HORSEPOWER in Congress when you join the horse council today at!